We use Cordura Brand 1000D Nylon because the fibers have the ability to stretch when in contact with asphalt and then snap back in to place, rather than reach a snapping point and quickly break as fibers with no stretch often would. 1000D Cordura is often seen in the industry as the best form of protection in the textile family of gear. It is even used in some full body racing suits designed for the track. The fact that it is 1000 Denier verifies the thickness of the weave meaning the thickness and weight of the weave are 1000 Denier. This allows the consumer to know that 1000D is stronger than 700D which in turn is stronger than 500D and so on. This allows a basis on which products protect you the most, the higher the Denier count the more protective the garment is, generally speaking. We opt to use only the best and toughest overall weight which is 1000D. Nothing less should be used on our opinion.