Pre-launching our 2017 campaign PERFORMANCE BY SAFETY - Buy our A51-RR Protection suit and get discounts by 15-20% on other well known brands that support performance and safety!

Please find a growing list of brands included in our campaign here below!

Bitubo 20% Discount

  BITUBO -20%

Bitubo Race Suspension


EVR Racing Clutches

  EVR -15%

 TCB -20%




After buying a A51-RR EVOLUTION protection suit, you will receive discount code that you can use when ordering any the brands above from us. The discount is NOT restricted to only one of the brands, your discount code will get you a discount for one (1) buy from each brand and the buy doesnt have to be done simultaneus for all the brands. The discount code will be valid for 12 months, so fx. you will be able to buy a Bitubo shock absorber in January, Explosafe in March, an EVR slipper clutch in July, Silmotor exhaust system in august and TCB ABS alternative in December!